We believe in investing in…

free parent training and equipping.

We believe in parents. According to Scripture, education is the responsibility of the parent and family—not the state or the church. God established the state to administer justice and the body of Christ to spread the gospel. In the words of R. L. Dabney,

“The Church’s duty is to instruct parents on how God would have them rear their children, and enforce the duty by spiritual sanction; but there its official power ends. It does not usurp the doing of the important task it inculcates.”

Classical Conversations, therefore, does not usurp the parent role. We assist the parents through encouragement, leadership, and training. We believe so strongly in encouraging and equipping parents that we offer free three-day trainings, called Parent Practicums, around the world all summer long. The real mission of Classical Conversations is to equip parents to be great educators at home. Therefore, we put a great deal of effort into parent training through parent conferences, daily articles, and online resources.


Parent Practicums: 3-Day Conferences

Have you ever redeemed a coupon? What did you get in return for that little piece of paper? an ice cream cone? a discount on laundry detergent? a free movie ticket?

Have you ever wished you could redeem your education? “Return it” for something more valuable to you? Many parents begin the homeschooling journey determined to give their children a better education than the one they received. But, many of us wish we could transform our own educations, too. Practicums offer parents that chance!

Our yearly 3-Day Parent Practicums offer encouragement, inspiration, and equipping to parents and interested educators. Each summer, parents at all stages of the homeschooling journey spend three days delving into the underlying philosophy and the practicalities of the classical model; then, we challenge ourselves to dig deeper into a specific subject, discovering the truths behind the facts and becoming students ourselves. We learn new ideas and vocabulary, we begin to understand how to identify and fill in the gaps in our own educations, and we wrestle with big ideas in the company of a like-minded community; in short, we practice learning classically! As an added bonus, we get to model the skills of learning for our children; we show them how exciting it is to learn new ideas and demonstrate that learning is a lifelong pursuit.

Student camps are offered at low cost for families attending together and parents attend FREE.

Parent Practicums—where lifelong learning can be a family affair!