What is a Parent Practicum?

Parent Practicum is a FREE, 3-Day Parent Conference on Classical, Christian, Homeschooling. You’ll find a community of local families, eager to explore the classical model of education and tools that make learning all subjects with all their children satisfying. Parent Practicums are offered around the globe from May to early August.

Parent Sessions

Practice the classical skills of learning and get your hands dirty becoming students.


Student Camps

Student Camps are available for students of all ages at a nominal fee. Advance online registration required.


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Get expert advice and resources from our knowledgeable Product Sales Specialists.


We believe in investing in free parent training and equipping.

We assist the parents through encouragement, leadership, and training. The real mission of Classical Conversations is to equip parents to be great educators at home. Therefore, we put a great deal of effort into parent training through parent conferences, daily articles, and online resources.

What is it like to go to a Parent Practicum?

Parents and students of all stages share their experiences and takeaways from Parent Practicum.